September 22, 2006

girl talk! girl talk!

One of my favourite DJs/musicians, Girl Talk, is coming to Australia. Girl Talk, aka Gregg Gillis, came out with one of my favourite albums ever: Unstoppable. He has a new one out called Night Ripper which I should be getting this week at some point. Thanks to Zoe's Radio Show for playing the track that alerted me. (Download her podcast. It's awesome)

Girl Talk playing at the Meredith Music Festival. I won't be going to that (I went to a few early in the gig's history, and it was too big and full of weekend warrriors then. I was attacked by one of the pioneers of Ice and had to defend myself with an umbrella. Very undignified. I hate to think how it is now.) but you can bet I'll be at the Order of Melbourne gig, wherever the hell that is.

Anyone want to join me in a Girl Talk posse on December 9 this year?

...Holy shit. Since when did I start blogging like a fucking MySPace teenage retard?

P.S. I'm posting this from a PC - I'm usually a Mac man - and it took me twice as long as normal, hence no pics or anything.

September 11, 2006

jason fortuny will eventually die. and that makes me happy.

Jason Fortuny, you are officially the biggest wanker on the Internet. Ever.

No words can describe, no cliche can encapsulate the utter worthlessness of the kind of person who would do this, then claim moral superiority as a justification.

No other thirty-year-old could use MySpace, Live Journal and Encyclopedia Dramatica at the same time and proclaim he is anything other than a hopeless twixter in denial about the pathetic lows of his own life.

I hope he lives long enough to see his life ruined by his unthinking smugness.

What I can't wait for is his realisation that all of his "supporters" will not actually do anything to support him, while his new-found legion of enemies will not rest until his existence become a misery of court dates, debt and lonely nights updating his LiveJournal. Then he might realise, long after his notoriety is finished (so, about this time next week) that life after a mention on Fark has very real consequences.

I suspect he has been sheltered from any real life-altering events, which probably explains his loud proclamations of immunity from reality.

More on Wired.

UPDATE: Someone took the time to give back some to Jason Fortuny. Turns out that he's a whiny little Trekky bitch without pubes who has to sell his toy collection to get by. Ah, the arrogant interweb warrior is suddenly rendered pathetic by truthiness.

September 07, 2006

stingrays:1, steves: 0

Time until footage of Steve Irwin's death is posted on YouTube

My housemate was genuinely upset by Irwin's death. True story.

And you know what? I actually feel pangs of sympathy for his family. Who would've thought?

September 02, 2006

mary-kate ape

I know some people read my blog to see what things I've been up to, so here's a couple of pieces of school work I've been doing. Very random.

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A still incomplete picture of Mary-Kate Olsen, done in a 1970s clip-art style. I'm going somewhere with this, I promise.

An ape. Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for apes and monkeys (particularly the bonobo). What they may not know is that this has recently been superseded by a love of squid and octopuses; they're pretty much my favourite animal

P.S. Check out this awesome painting Alex Ross did for the Village Voice.