June 27, 2006

we all live in a capital i

Dear Sesame Street,
Thank-you for freaking me out with your Capital I segment. It made a lot of sense to make a song about living inside a letter of the alphabet so forlorn and haunting that it made me think about death and the nature of the universe at the tender age of five.
Your sincerely,
PS Does anyone have a copy of this song as covered by The Bedridden?

remember chummy fleming

Fight for Fair and Just Work Laws protest this Wednesday the 28th at Trades Hall, Melbourne.

I'll be in the General Strike Bloc if anyone wants to try stalk me.

From the Wikipedia entry on Chummy Fleming:
On being expelled from Trades Hall Council in 1904, Fleming became heroic and made the following statement:
"... I am going to be expelled because I am an anarchist. I am in the company of Tolstoy, Spencer and the most advanced thinkers of the world. Workers will never get their rights while they look to Parliament. A general strike would be more effective than all the Parliaments in the world. I have got a fine stick and I am going to use It. Expel me if you like. I am an anarchist. We have been hanged in Chicago, electrocuted in New York, guillotined in Paris and strangled in Italy, and I will go with my comrades. I am opposed to your Government and to your authority. Down with them. Do your worst. Long live Anarchy".
Currently playing:
Chi Ching (Cheque 1 2) and Sad Arse Strippa – Lady Sovereign
9 to 5 – Ordinary Boys
Boogie Down Bronx – Mann Parrish feat Freeze Force
Spooky – Lydia Lunch
Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

June 25, 2006

lemon-headed chameleons!

June 20, 2006

holiday reading

If you're an anarchist and you haven't read The Bolsheviks and Worker's Control by Maurice Brinton, do so straight away.

If you're a smarty intellectual type and you haven't read Reflections on Marx’s Critique of Political Economy, you probably should. I remember I read this when I was flirting with Marxism and it totally blew me away. It's dense and hard to understand, but if you're into that stuff it's great. The same group, Collectivities, also wrote one of my favourite pamphlets ever: the infinitely more readable A Ballad Against Work.

June 18, 2006

onya henry

June 14, 2006

freefall balls

I'm back. I moved house yet-a-fucking-gain and I've been offline (well, not if you include dial-up as being 'online'... Hurumph!). I heart my new house, and we got a cat. It's called Makhno. Just like his namesake, he cries alot (but he has no balls). I'm busy at school as I have to hand in my folio — and I messed up badly last week.

To the left is a dodge 15 minute self-portrait I did for school, which I tried to 'zipotone' colour a la Anthony Woodward's cover for Scrambled #4. Meh. I'm told it looks like me, but my "face isn't that fat." Bravo.

I'll do a big post in about a week. In the meantime, I'm going to just post up links and such as they come in.

This video is great, although it loses it a bit at the end. "Washington, Washing-tonnne."