December 17, 2005

she's a bad mamma jamma

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I'll probably be very quiet over the next couple of weeks. In an unwelcome turn of events, I have to move house. This sucks beyond belief and it's pretty much the worst thing that could possibly happen to me right now. It means I have to cancel Christmas (well, the part where I give my friends and family presents) and spend even more time doing bullshit domestic stuff. Friends who read this blog can email me and get my new details and phone number.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comSpeaking of massive injustice, how fucking cool does V for Vendetta look? Even the posters are amazing.

I went and saw King Kong last night. Meh, I thought it was good but about three-quarters of the way through I realised I was spending three hours watching a movie about a giant ape. Lots of people in the audience cried in some parts and cheered in others. I haven't seen that level of crowd participation for a while. It was a lot more violent than I expected, too.

December 12, 2005


Thought it'd be funny to put a post up now. I just woke up. I'm drunk and have no idea how I got home, but I vaguely remember nearly getting hit by heaps of cars while riding around Brunswick, totally lost.

December 10, 2005

running up that hill

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Pic of Kafka I did for a class assignment. Thought I'd post it. I think it's a bit too overrendered, but the brief was for a luxurious collectors edition of 'Metamorphosis' so I figured it was okay.

December 07, 2005

same but different

Yes, I know it's been said in dozens of places before, but let me add my voice to the cacophony: How great are the names linked to spam addresses? Here is a sample from my In Box:
Wanderlust M. Notary
Anachronism E. Spidery
Blockages S. Ungentlemanly
Unilaterally V. Cattleman
Anguishing L. Automaton
Internship G. Confronted
They all sound like characters from an Alan Moore comic.

another goddamn stencil

I think some of my stuff might be making an appearance at ST5K in Adelaide. If you're over there, you should check it out.
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December 05, 2005

your poison womb

I recently went to this completely fantastic meeting where my homies pointed out that I was the biggest arsehole they knew, and that I drove the weak-spirited away with my mean facial expressions and ill-considered one liners. Have you ever seen that film As Good As It Gets? Remember Jack Nicholson in that? You do? Then fuck off.

Maybe I just seem dour compared to the hilarious graduates from Hijinx High.
So for the last week, I have been in a bit of a tizzy, wondering if I truly am a sociopopath or (thanks Ginny) maybe a bit autistic. It was refreshing to see that someone else in the world has out-arseholed me tenfold. "Your poison womb is making heaven too fucking crowded."

PS Just joined the Firefly bandwagon. I've watched 5 eps so far and it rules.

December 03, 2005

no time to post. here's what i'm working on.

It's not finished. But it shows that I'm still alive.

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