September 23, 2005

101st post!

I don't normally like to post up interweb detritus, but this is fairly impressive.

September 22, 2005

bite #3 party

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Hey, it's my 100th post! How about somebody leaving me a comment for once?

September 19, 2005

lady don't tek no

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSorry about the break between postings. The end of term meant I had a fair swag of assignments to hand in.

Speaking of study, I'm in a weird position with Centrelink at the moment. I'm doing a short course and I had to fill out The Clink's "Request for Course Approval" form. This form has to be filled out by anyone undertaking Mutual Obligation. As I might have mentioned earlier, it was a strange and harrowing process. The form itself is very simple, but the language has to be quite specific, kind of like requests for asylum (no shit).

The upshot of all this is I got a 12 week exemption from handing in the fortnightly form, with another automatic twelve weeks after the next form I hand in..

Annecdotally speaking, I know of one woman who managed to stay on the dole throughout four years of university. As you might know, this rules for several reasons but chiefly because the rate of Youth Allowance is much smaller than Newstart.

Although I wouldn't call this a loophole to Mutual Obligation, doing a TAFE course is far more constructive than Work for the Dole or (spew spew) Intensive Assistance.

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September 05, 2005

white people turn up the treble, black people turn up the bass

Wow, usually I'm fairly good at keeping my own politics on this blog a bit subtle, but too much is pissing me off. Take the disaster in Louisiana for example.

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Some more detail can be found here, but AP seems to have missed the point. When does "finding" become "looting"? So the kid walked into the store, so what? The media coverage has just been so disturbing. Even though Jesse Jackson seems a bit nutty, Kanye West was totally on the money.

September 03, 2005

indecent obsession

Every few months, a song comes along that you have to hear over and over again. I heartily recommend that you seek out 'Heartbeats' by The Knife. Sounds all sad and summery at once.

September 02, 2005

dance of a thousand veils

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Stop oppressing us with your flaming external organs and hidden hairs!
Dear Mrs Bishop,

I have read with great interest your comments on banning veils in Australia's schools. Do you also have plans to prevent Nun teachers from wearing the same headgear?

And what of young Catholic girls being forced to hide behind veils during their first communion? Including such rites in curriculum merely brainwashes these impressionable girls into wearing veils on other occassions, such as marriage.

Perhaps we should also ban images of women in such dangerous pieces of cloth. Attached is an image I believe is still common in many exclusive religious schools that can only serve to reinforce these superstitious ideas. Banning these images from school grounds could form the second tier of your well thought-out plan.

Once we have achieved this scarfless utopia, we might move on to other items of fashion crippling to the free women of Australia: high heels, shoulderpads and ridiculous hair buns.

Yours forever and ever and ever,

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Omigod! This is just like in Nazi Germany!

i know what i like

Just added a link to Adi Granov's website. If The Lawnmower Man taught me anything, it's that comics are for the feeble-minded and the lazy, i.e. the unemployed. To that end, I collect religiously. Granov is currently doing the art for Invincible Iron Man. There's also a tutorial on how he combines his pencil work with photoshop. Amazing.