January 28, 2006

octopuses have beaks

I'm just about to see the giant squid at the Melbourne Aquarium. I'm excited. I will report back on this event ASAP.

In the meantime, be hypnotised by these animated gifs.
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January 20, 2006


I was fapping on the interweb (looking at antifa sites and whacko UK fascist sites) and came across this while trying to look at the website of anti-fascist prisoner Tomek Wilkoszewski. See that image in the background? I did that a few years ago as a sticker for my zine, Oompalumpen. How it ended up as anarchist clipart, I have no idea. I am a bit chuffed about it though.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

January 18, 2006

too sweet to be sour

Recently I've been forced into more interractions with the Job Network. For welfare hobbyists, this is to be avoided at all costs. As I have suspected for many years, more contact equates to greater demands placed on the dole recipient.

In the last couple of months I have been forced into the the offices of Ascendance Pty Ltd™®©omgwtflol. This culminated in the threat of DOING MORE WORK FOR THE DOLE. Regular readers would be aware that the origins of this blog was a stint doing WftD in a mind-numbingly stupid christian organisation.

In the nick of time, I was accepted into a course at RMIT. This makes me exempt from the harsher forms of mutual obligation. However, if I were to do WftD. I would've been forced into a program making books for small children. I can fucking imagine what the quality of those would be: 'Why Mummy Smokes Horizon Cigarettes' and the like.

The upshot to my increased contact is an offer to change me from offices in Camberwell to Brunswick (that's much closer to my house. It takes me 2 hours to travel to Camberwell).

TAFE Entrance Mix Tape:
'Keep It Up' - Fannypack
'Spiralling' - Antony & The Johnsons
'You've Got The Touch' - Stan Bush
'Swan Lake' - Blackalicious
'Sofa King' - DangerDoom
'Crickets Sing for Annamaria' - Emma Bunton
'Hounds of Love' - Kate Bush
'Five Minutes of Funk' - Whodini

January 12, 2006

you can't label me. oh wait...

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Found this in the supermarket. The pineapple was mighty tasty, too.

In other news, I thought my heritage was mostly Scottish. Turn out I'm more like a Mexican.

January 08, 2006


I heard the word "frienemies" in a song, I forget which, and it was a great encapsulation of those intense friendships that inevitably go awry. And I've had a few of those lately. Actually, I think it better describes those hate friendships – the Heathers kind. It's more like a slow, restrained loathing in close proximity that resembles friendship. But it isn't.

Speaking of relationships to people, I'm adding two new links and removing a couple.

First and foremost, I'm linking @ndy's new blog. Nicely researched gossip, which is the best kind.

I'm also linking Antipopper. I met the guy who does this blog years ago - although he probably has no idea who I am. I remember hearing that (gasp) he has been using Photoshop for so long he recalls when it didn't use layers. Oh, and his blog is bloody great, too.

It's goodbye to the Adi Granov link. Even though the latest issue of Invincible Iron Man has finally come out and didn't disappoint, he just doesn't update frequently enough.

Similarly, I'm ditching the Sam Kieth link. He's still pretty much the artist equivalent of the liger, but his site hasn't been updated in years.

I'm also deleting the link to the MTME Transformers page. I've never liked it that much and, meh, I'm going for prestige in my links from now on.
P.S. Gag me with a spoon! I just googled "frienemies" and realised it's from the song 'Get What You Give' by The New Radicals. I even remember how I knew the spelling: I did that song at the infamous Sydney Vs Melbourne Anarchist Karaoke Competition.

January 07, 2006

visual AIDS

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