November 25, 2005

i choose to believe this is true

You know, this story has a ring of truth to it. For those of you too lazy to click, a woman is claiming that Michael Jackson actually has a deep voice and he fakes the high pitched one. It'd fit into the whole "I'm Peter Pan" schtick.

In dole news, I've been called into a meeting as soon as I finish my course. I actually want a job. Can anybody suggest something that is indoors and requires no heavy lifting? Remember, I'm not qualified for anything, but I'm programmed to love.

November 19, 2005

link ho

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAfter that ridiculous post (panic and dread make me act funny), I should probably post something a bit more mundane. By "mundane", I mean "these guys fucking rock and I can't think of anything to say that beats their design." English is an odd language like that.

The guys I speak of, Me & Kosta, can be found here (you'll need flash).

This post is bought to you by:
'One Love' - Whodini
'California Rhinoplasty' - Matmos
'Dare' - Gorillaz

November 18, 2005


A blog entry might be coming back to haunt me. One of the journo's from Crikey just emailed me to say that she's quoted it and that she'll be directing people to this blog. Oh dear.

My memories from my month at Pac Pubs is fuzzy at best (I mostly remember playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas after work), so please take that entry with a sack of salt. I stand by it though. I also have to point out that I haven't actually read the damn thing yet, so I'm just goingby the quotes in the aforementioned Crikey piece. However, I might modify what I said about the custom car culture thing. My recollection is there being talk about the show Pimp My Ride (which I saw the other day and [hearted]) and I said that custom culture will really blow up and that we should have heaps. I think I pointed to more of a TIS magazine than Pimp My Ride kind of thing and talked a lot about custom sneakers.

I feel kind of sorry for the people at Sugar Ape, oops, I mean Explode. Starting a magazine and getting the tone right takes more than a few issues. Still, the publicity will probably make them popular with the kids and nobody forced them to talk about women in the same way they talk about cars.

Oh, if you're after another anecdote, did I tell you about my pathetic attempt to try raise the tone a bit? There was talk of pin-ups and such, so I did a thing on Evelyn Ng (who is like a real life Bond character). She's smart as hell, looks like a model and a card shark. I know, it would never fly in a populist teen boys mag but that was all I could muster. Hmmm, I don't suppose my other idea of Kathleen Hanna would have gone very far. I don't suppose there is any way of that kind of magazine being able to show women as anything other than tits and double the amount of X chromosomes.

UPDATE: From Sophie, the journalist at Crikey: "Fear not... my editor has slashed and burned my story and the link isn't in there anymore."

November 15, 2005

a new day for you

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With everything in Australia going completely fucked, I thought I'd start a new movement and urge my fellow countrymen to start afresh. You know, like when we have an election.

To that end I have designed a new Australian flag. It's like a cross between the Eureka flag and drunk.

November 09, 2005

bite#3 party photos

More should be on the Bite website soon.
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Image hosted by
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I think the last post gives a distorted view of the kind of music I listen to. In case you were looking for some inspiration for your next peer-to-peer search, other musicians/tracks on heavy rotation are:
Anything by The Shins
Iron Flag - Wu Tang Clan
'Missionary Man' - the Eurythmics
'I'm So Excited' - Le Tigre
'Gin & Juice' - Snoop Dogg
'Wasted years' - Iron Maiden (never liked this song when I was kid. Reckon it's great now. I still think 'Mother Russia' sucks)
'Eighties' - Killing Joke
'Vibrant Thing' - Tribe Called Quest (feat Q-Tip)
Anything with C-Lo in it

November 07, 2005

pop awesomeness

Once again I should be doing work, but I really want to pass on some great music I've been listening to lately. It's the soundtrack for today's modern lumpen!

'Domino Dancing' - West End Girls

Can anything be gayer than two Swedish lasses covering the Pet Shop Boys? Word on the interweb is that they'll be releasing a whole album of PSB covers. This song is pop perfection, I tells ya.

'Hung Up' - Madonna

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSegueway via Sweden and more yay-for-gay music greatness with Madge/Esther's new single which heavily samples an Abba track. It's actually quite good, in case you were wondering. The clip reminds me of this haggard looking woman who goes to Q&A (a queer pub night) every Thursday here in Melbourne. It's kind of funny how Madonna has come around to the other side of fitness and now looks like a heroin addict. But it's working quite well for her.

Unstoppable - Girl Talk

I finally got this album which has been out for ages on Dsico's Spasticated Records here in Australia. Yeah, the whole mash-ups thing is dead, but this album is still fucking grouse. It's some heavily cut-up and mashed-up pop, reassembled into some very rocking tracks. It's been getting heavy rotation on my compubox data music transmitter.

November 06, 2005

in lieu of something to say

Image hosted by Photobucket.comy recent activities have led me to think more about what can be done in the face of the completely bullshit IR laws and the nightmarish Terror laws. My various attempts at looking after my own backyard (and sticking the boot into identity politics) resulted in an email from a fellow in a leninoid party, which got me thinking about how I relate to political groups who I despise. It stirred memories of one of my favourite pamphlets ever, The Bolsheviks and Worker's Control by Maurice Brinton.

If you find yourself in the position of regularly arguing with trots, I highly recommend it.

PS I've updated some of the links and removed some dead blogs. Anyone got any links in the vein of Dole Diary that they care to share?

PPS Yes, I did that letter 'M' initial cap. I think I'm slowly going from a monkey obsession to an octopus one.