June 29, 2005

attention boyfs and girlfs

As many regular readers of Dole Diary might know, I do a zine called "Oompa Lumpen." I also have to admit (with more than a little pride) that I have written freelance pieces for Girlfriend magazine. However, I had absolutely no idea about this. I swear it isn't photoshopped.
Thanks to Patrick for sending me the scans.

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June 28, 2005

gradual change. eventually.

Did the legislation around the Job Network change, or did I just misunderstand it?
When I was forced to do Work for the Dole at the Matey Mission (see the first posts on this blog), I was told that each person had X amount of money that could be spent on getting them "job ready". This could be training, steel cap boots or a set of snazzy clothes for that all-important job interview.

This was the poster that changed my life. Thanks, Ascendence Pty Ltd!
After multiple listenings of 'Eye of the Tiger', I felt inspired about actually working in some sort of field of endeavour. I thought, "Maybe I should get a qualification so I might remove myself from the dole." I shouldn't completely blame the finest song by Survivor; working for a month last December was actually pretty good.

The dole obviously isn't enought to pay for things like TAFE fees and materials, so I figured that this is where the Job Network comes in. Perhaps it is naïve of me to take the mission of the privatised arm of Australian welfare at its word. After a week of trying to get an answer from my JNP (Job Network Provider) as to whether I can be subsidised so I can go to TAFE (it's fucking Holmesglen TAFE by the way, not fucking Melbourne University), I'm still in the dark.

Well, not completely. I phoned some sort of "customer service" number regarding my situation and for once, the person I spoke to was extremely helpful and kinda sympathetic. She told me that each JNP actually has a pool of money based on the amount of people registered with them, rather than an alotment for each individual, called the "Job Seeker Account". There are guidelines for the expenditure of this money, though the specifics are not available to the public because it is part of a contract between the JNP and the government. Broadly speaking, the guidelines are about employment outcomes and "not bringing the [system] into disrepute", all of which is up to the discretion of the JNP.

I was told by my "consultant" - that's the person at the JNP who has to deal with me - that I would have an answer today. As I said, I didn't get it. The woman from the customer service line suggested that I ask to speak to a manager at the JNP. I tried to do this but, as the secretary helpfully told me, no-one was in the office. Fucking no-one. Not Simon the Consultant. No managers. Nothing.

Why the sense of urgency? The money to pay for the materials in my course is due in tomorrow. Dammit.

a word about my job network member.
They have the audacity to call themselves "Ascendence", preying upon popular - and bullshit - ideas of class mobility and, even worse, tapping into the idea that the unemployed are beneath the employed. I mean, don't they know that I have important skills? Do they think that just anyone can put umlauts above the "i" in "naïve"?

June 22, 2005

dead dead girls

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The picture above is an ad for my friend's "band" (I don't know what else to call them) I did tonight instead of all the reviews I have due in.
Check out the DDGs if you're in Sydney. The ever awesome Dsico does some of their backing tracks. I also hear he's recording with them.

June 15, 2005

all the way with the nbla

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAh, to be back in the heady, care-free days before the World Trade Centre attack, when it was perfectly acceptable to take pictures of Palestinian militants and produce a mistake-ridden pamphlet.

The story is this: certain working class people found themselves in Neutral Bay and decided to do weird shit like graffiti the local pool and letterbox residents with the pamphlet aside.

I heard later on that a local university student decided the pamphlet was so hilarious that he xeroxed more copies and distributed by hand at the local bus stop.

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June 13, 2005

neo-dole t.a.f.e. adventure

Oh, the lengths I will go to to get out of Mutual Obligation. Tomorrow I am enrolling in a TAFE course (yes, I got in) which should exclude me from having to do Work for the Dole.

I'm not sure what this means in terms of my welfare payments. Do I go on Austudy?
I'm sure I'll find out soon.

I've never been to TAFE before, either. Does anyone have any tales to tell me? Hints and tips?

June 06, 2005


Look what I found when cleaning out some boxes!
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June 02, 2005

flawless victory

The results of the poll are in. I'm looking to get into TAFE.

As it turns out, it's all very last minute. Second semester enrollments are due now. I got on the case late last week and, as much as I tried to avoid it, all my eggs are in one basket. I'm only putting in an application to one TAFE, and its campuses are in some very, very shitty suburbs. The certificate I'm looking to do in Graphic Design will hopefully allow me to springboard into a degree.

The thing that worries me most is that I have to submit my academic record. Let me tell you: it's shit. It's very shit. I failed pretty much everything at uni because I never really went to class (five years, off and on). I was too busy drinking, editing the uni paper and wasting my time in student politics.

I suppose I could fap about the flaws in academia and how it's really all the fault of capitalism, but instead I'm going to laugh at the Naomi Robson video again.